Colorful ! Load over 800kgs handlebar !

In 2015, FOURIERS will have varies kinds of handlebar which can load over 800kgs.
New anodized colorful handlebar not only safehigh intensity and prolonged use,
special selected colors makes the alloy handle more special and unique.

We have 8 different colors, from the left to right is sky blue, purple, grey, gold, red,
orange, apple green, and blue (picture are not included blue).
Aren’t they beautiful? The most important is every bar can load 800kgs.
Tested products: HB-MB010-H
Material: Alloy 7075-T651
Barebore: ø31.8/ Up sweep: 5
Width: 720mm/ Weight: 275g
We are not just make the color looking, also with overload function, just like this tested bar.
HB-MB010-H (H – represented for overload . Let’s do the overload test to see how strong the bar is.

The result of destroy test. The maximum overload reached to 821kgs/
maximum displacement reached to 50mm.
There is no any fracture.

Maybe you can’t feel how strong is 821kgs loading,
we test another bar from other brand that is made of same material.
Material: Alloy 7050-T651/ Width: 720mm/ Weight:310g

The maximum overload 654kgs/ maximum displacement 50mm
The result of test is quit well, but still has some place to reach 800kgs overload.

Fouriers mountain bike handlebar – overload version
The result of test is outstanding, and surprising.
The strength and stiff are harder than HB-MB004(6066 overload version) and other exist handlebars.
Can’t wait to have these cool bars? Coming soon ~