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Narrow Wide Oval chainrings for XTR M9000/M9020 11 speed crank with custom made crank cover caps. Oval shape design
make the spincycle a lot smoother and is easier on legs while climbing. Adjust the oval in 3 position to increase its effect.
The narrow-wide profile with our snug fit wave design have extreme chain retention qualities. Each tooth has additional
CNC cut teardrop holes for better mud clearance.


USD: 53.99-60.99

Euro: 48.99-55.49 Euro MSRP includes VAT

Price is subject to change for different countries due to import taxes and shipping cost.

Product Features:
For SHIMANOR® XTR M9000/M9020
Comes with customized crank cover caps.
Material: Alloy 7075-T651
Teeth: 34t, 36t, 38t, 40t, 42t, 44t, 46t, 48t
Weight: 83g (34T)
Color: Sandblast black, red, blue anodized
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