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Chain Ring


Narrow Wide chainrings for SHIMANO® FC6800 ULTEGRA crank set, Full CNC made AL7075-T651 material with our
snug fit wave design have extreme chain retention qualities. Each tooth has CNC cut hole for mud clearance. For 1X system P.C.D Ø110mm 4arm standard. Included CNC cover cap to fit the SHIMANO® crank set.


USD: 77.49

Euro: 70.49 Euro MSRP includes VAT

Price is subject to change for different countries due to import taxes and shipping cost.

 Product Features:
For SHIMANOR® Ultegra (FC6800)
P.A.T Wave design profile
Teardrop mud clearance technology
Material: Alloy 7075-T651
Teeth: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48T
Weight: 82g (40T)
Color: Sandblast black, red, blue anodized
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