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Chain Ring


Did you regret to unable to reach the top because of the limit sprocket tooth? Fouriers breaks the rules to make the bigger sprocket for the original cassette that helps you save the power and easily reach on the top.


USD: 143.49

Euro: 130.49 Euro MSRP includes VAT

Price is subject to change for different countries due to import taxes and shipping cost.

Product Features:
Fix SHIMANO® 11 speed
       – Ultegra RD-6800-GS
           105: RD-5800-GS
Remove the rear cassette from your bike and take out the 23t/25t/28t sprocket.
Material: Sprocket – (36) AL7075-T651
                                    (26/30) Cr-mo 4130 heat treated
Spec: 26T/30T/36T
Color: (36) S.B Anonized red, gold, blue, apple green, orange
              (26/30) N.E.M finish
              Body - S.B Anonized Black
Weight: 139g/set
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