We are looking for communicative team riders in the areas of cross-country, Gravity and fixation.



Fouriers is very proud to support athletes with its high quality products. 

To support cycling initiatives and provide sponsorship to help develop the athletes' abilities have always been our long-term goals.


Below is a description of our athlete sponsorship:



Fouriers not only provides athletes the best products, but it is also sought to partner with by the professional teams and riders.


We hope our athletes to be the best and are able to achieve great results on the track. More importantly--how they can represent our partnership. These relationships are far more than just a simple relationship. They reflect our deep partnership. In addition to our sponsorship, we also need your advice on the improvements of the products.


All the sponsored athletes must submit a follow-up report at least two times during the race season with photos, race report, athlete blog entries or records of any popularization on Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in order to show the indication of collaboration between you or your team and Fouriers.



Requirements for the logo and a template for cycling jerseys or other demands, please notify us and we will pass them on to you as soon as possible.


Are you interested in joining us?

We are very glad to have you joined our sponsorship program. We need your application and approbation plan. Please download the list below and reply to us. We will examine hem as soon as possible. This sponsorship is applicable to Road, Mountain and triathlon. 


Please download the file and reply to us. 

apply by e-mail to info@fouriers-bike.com